Spring Energy Clearings

Spring is upon us. It's a time of new beginnings. A fresh new perspective. A new way of seeing.

Our homes and our bodies can always use a cleanse. It is during this season that a cleanse can be extra effective. With the change of energy as Spring changes from Winter , so do we.

We can set an intention to release what is no longer serving us. We do this with prayer. Ask for renewal. Ask for the stale stuck energy in our lives to move out and be replaced with God's light. Fresh new energy can move us to new places. Mentally spiritually, in relationship and so so many ways.

Spring cleaning is also for our home's energy. Pack up some give aways , clean those windows and also allow some sacred smoke to cleanse your air.

I'm always a message away from helping you to heal your heart or your home.

In light,


#reiki #qhht #smudge

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