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Home energy clearing tools including smudge sticks made of white sage

Space Clearing and Blessing

Our homes and work spaces tend to take on the energy of our lives, so it’s crucial to clear this energy regularly. Our traumas, illnesses and even arguments can lead to our homes holding onto negativity. Mandy offers an intuitive assessment of your space and its needs, energy clearing and decluttering, smudging and other forms of energy cleansing — both for real estate transactions and energy maintenance in homes and workspaces. 


Mandy spent a lot of her adult life as  Realtor. She is currently an unlicensed assistant. She is a member of The Mullins Group with eXp Realty which Mandy’s wife, Amanda Mullins, anchors. If you’re planning to move, they would love to chat about how they can help. Clearing energy when buying or selling a home can assist in a seamless deal. Energy clearing is vital, much like home cleaning. 


If you are a real estate agent, this service will make an excellent closing gift for your clients. 

Home energy clearing and home blessing near Dayton, Ohio
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