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Space Clearing Tools

There are so many choices when looking for the best tools for clearing a space. Using the elements and our intuition we can move stuck energy, infuse positive energy and clear our spaces of any past trauma, sickness or negative energy that they are holding. Tools include sound, smoke, fire, crystals, water and more. This post focuses on a ceremony called Smudging. Smudging is a technique using smoke to clear the space, an object or even ourselves. It is an ancient practice we should bestow with gratitude.

You have probably heard of smudging, a space clearing technique. This method is effective, although not everyone likes smoke in their homes. Using smoke (smudging) in this way can be an awesome tool, but some caution needs to be used.

When we smudge with Sage , it is usually best to open at least one window in the space to allow the negative vibes to exit along with some of the smoke. Care must be used when smudging. Embers fall off and can be a fire/burn hazard.

We should bring intention and prayer into the smudging ceremony. Prayers can ask our guides and angels to assist our efforts. We should offer them gratitude for their help. Be as specific or as non specific as you like, most important is an invitation and gratitude.

I usually place a candle near the open door or window so there is a light for the negative energy to flow towards. Another practice I use is building crystal grids or placing crystals around the room. Some great stones for this are Black Tourmaline or Selenite. Any and all crystals are great for this don't forget thank them too!

The burning sage should be held by one hand while holding a fire proof bowl or shell below the sage to catch any embers. We use a large feather, our hand or even blowing the smoke the direction we want it to clear. Using a clockwise pattern around a room we walk around the perimeter , edging towards the center as we move. We can use one piece of sage or a bundle. The larger the more smoke. More is not necessarily better. The intention is most important. Always end with a prayer of gratitude.

We can clear a room or one room at a time. I love to teach my clients how to smudge and use other tools in person during our appointments. This gives them a tool they can use between our sessions. It empowers them to know that they can change how their space feels. I love to teach those that want to learn during our time working together.

As I mentioned, we can also clear the energy of an object using sage. This technique is perfect for used second hand items we acquire. Again to begin, we form an intention and a prayer. We ask for our guides and angels to assist us in moving any negative or stuck energy, returning it to the light. If possible the object to be cleared should be held over the smoke. If that is not possible for larger items we can use a feather to blow the smoke over the item. Use the amount of time that feels best to you for the clearing. Always end the ceremony with a prayer of gratitude.

If you have questions about smudging or any other space clearing techniques please feel free to reach out. I would be honored to help.

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