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Gemstones and cloth pouches, typically purchased at metaphysical shops, that are used in reiki healing are scattered across a surface. They can be used in crystal grids and from the beginning of your QHHT journey.

Discover Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki, QHHT®, home blessings and more

Your healing journey begins here


We all have plenty of stress, so let’s take a few deep breaths, exhale slowly and thoroughly, and roll back our shoulders. Drop your tongue from the roof of your mouth and soften your forehead. Just be for a moment.


You may have taken the first step on your healing journey through meditation, yoga or visiting a metaphysical store to learn about crystals and gemstones. Today, people are increasingly discovering Reiki as a means to live fuller, more meaningful lives, reduce stress and anxiety, and lessen depression. 


When you attune to the restorative power of energy healing, a profound transformation is ahead. A vital life force flows through every living being, and more people are tapping into the light within and around us. Perhaps you call that light “Goddess,” “God,” “higher power,” “deity,” “divinity,” “the universe,” or some other name. 

Mikao Usui further developed Reiki in the early 1900s. Combining the Japanese words rei, meaning “universal,” and ki, or the integral life force that flows through all living beings. Reiki promotes healing through relaxation and anti-stress techniques. Reiki treatments complement medical and therapeutic techniques worldwide, including in hospices and hospitals.

Mandy Carter, Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher and QHHT Practitioner, holds a pendulum over her open palm facing up in Yellow Springs Ohio

Mandy Carter

Reiki Master Teacher and QHHT® Practitioner
Healing Homes & Hearts, LLC

Mandy has been facilitating healing for the growth and transformation of humanity and individuals for five years. An intuitive healer, she will sit with you to listen to and understand your story and goals for Reiki healing. With an innate coaching ability and peaceful presence, Mandy has found her passion and life calling in healing.


Mandy’s own healing journey started two decades ago.  Read Mandy's story

Vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy, and creativity. It is the source of hope, empathy, accountability, and authenticity. If we want greater clarity in our purpose or deeper and more meaningful spiritual lives, vulnerability is the path.


reiki master teacher holds gingko leaves in her open hands
Gemstones such as Amethyst, fluorite, selenite, carnelian, blue kyanite, pyrite, turquoise, aquamarine, apis lazuli are used in Usui Holy Fire Reiki. Mandy Carter holds some outside the Humanist Center in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Start your QHHT journey for healing.
Healing Homes & Hearts LLC is owned by Mandy Carter, a Realtor, who offers home clearings and home blessings in the Dayton, Ohio, area, including at her healing studio in Yellow Springs
People learn energy healing during a Usui Holy Fire Reiki I and II certification class

Curious about past lives or connecting with a higher power? Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique®
(QHHT®) can help.

Mandy became attuned to energy healing as a Realtor, offering home clearings or blessings and later expanding her Reiki practice.

Learn energy healing in Reiki certification and training classes in Yellow Springs, Ohio, and virtually. Register for our next class.

What happens during a Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki session?

Healing Homes & Hearts aims to hold space for you from the moment you start your healing journey or as you continue it. Mandy Carter, Reiki Master Teacher and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique® (QHHT®) Practitioner, gently guides you through each reiki treatment, empowering you to recognize your wholeness. You’re in complete control — with Mandy supporting your journey.


Although every Reiki practitioner is different, Reiki typically supports a feeling of deep calmness and can accelerate your body’s natural healing abilities. Mandy will channel energy through her hands to your body. Many people feel balanced emotionally, mentally, and spiritually after treatments. Some have reported experiencing the radiant power of Reiki around and within them. Reiki can also be beneficial for chakra imbalances. 

The International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT) introduced Holy Fire ® Reiki in the late 2010s. The ICRT describes it as powerful and gentle, promoting purification, healing, empowerment and guidance. Mandy is determined to spread this healing practice around Ohio and beyond. Learn more

What does QHHT® stand for?

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. Start your QHHT journey.

QHHT®, or Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique® , was developed by Dolores Cannon to help people access the part of themselves that some call a higher self, the over soul or the superconscious. Today, her daughter, Julia Cannon, teaches the technique, helping us discover the answers we seek within ourselves. QHHT® can help individuals connect with their subconscious, or higher self, to understand the “why” behind their lives, including health ailments and repeating patterns in which people often get stuck.


Mandy holds a safe space for you to release and heal traumas from this life and past lives, ultimately leading to empowerment and change within yourself.

Still have questions or feeling unsure? Contact Mandy at 513.266.1926 or


"I’m so glad I let myself experience the session fully. You don’t need to follow any particular religious or spiritual path to benefit from Reiki.  You can expect a lovely guided meditation followed by a time of gentle self-healing."

Alissa Paolella

"Amanda is a wonderful Reiki master! She is kind and gentle, but her energy is so strong. My husband and I both had sessions with her, and we are feeling amazing! We both highly recommend!"

Kelsey Lovelace

My Reiki session with Mandy did wonders for my neck and back pain!!! It is such a pleasant experience, and she made me feel welcomed, comfortable, and cared for. Highly recommend!

Brandi Goulet

Let's talk

Mandy's Healing Studio

105 W. North College St.   

Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387


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