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Healing Homes & Hearts

Mission and vision

Our guiding principles

At Healing Homes & Hearts, we are guided by a profound purpose: to empower individuals and humanity to embark on their journey towards authenticity, joy, and love. Our mission is to create inclusive spaces where everyone can experience the transformative power of love—a love that originates from within ourselves. Our vision is to proliferate the healing essence of Reiki and other wellness practices, illuminating paths of light and love for all. In a world where love is paramount, we believe it is the ultimate solution.

Our Approach:

We invite you to contemplate: What light do you carry within? What replenishes your light so you can contribute to the world? For Mandy, the answer was Reiki. Through its protective and healing capabilities, she has embraced her calling as an energy healer and teacher.

About Reiki:

Reiki, a conduit to the life force flowing through all living beings, offers profound healing. Expect to achieve emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual equilibrium after a Reiki session. Mandy Carter, a Reiki Master Teacher and practitioner of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique® (QHHT®), stands ready to guide you on your healing journey.

Your Healing Journey with Mandy:

Mandy approaches each session with compassionate attentiveness to your healing goals. She serves as a supportive companion, guiding you through the process and facilitating an energetic reset to nurture your body, mind, and spirit.

Rev. Mandy Carter
Reiki Master Teacher
QHHT® Practitioner

Within Mandy resides an innate gift for healing, deeply rooted in her authentic self. However, this journey of healing wasn't without its challenges, as she navigated layers of generational trauma. Yet, through daily self-reflection and spiritual practice, Reiki emerged as her steadfast guide, protector, and conduit to the divine.

Early on, Mandy found herself absorbing the energies and emotions of others, a struggle compounded by the responsibilities of young motherhood. However, her children became not only her purpose but also her salvation, guiding her through the trials of life in rural SE Ohio, where she balanced her roles as a business owner and real estate agent for nearly two decades.

It wasn't until her thirties that Mandy experienced a series of awakenings, propelling her towards a deeper understanding of her role as a healer. Recognizing humans as energetic beings on a human journey, she embarked on a path aligned with her soul's calling. After the passing of her father, Mandy's journey led her to QHHT® and, intuitively, to Reiki—a pivotal moment that affirmed her need for Reiki's protective embrace as she delved deeper into her inner healer.

The transformative power of Reiki became undeniable after experiencing distant sessions, prompting Mandy to pursue formal training. Her dedication to Reiki blossomed as she advanced to become a Usui/Holy Fire® World Peace Reiki Master Teacher, expanding her expertise to include Kid Reiki™ and ICRT Animal Reiki.

As an educator and Alliance of Divine Love Minister, Rev. Mandy shares her passion for self-love and protection through Reiki, instilling its principles and practices within families. She emphasizes collaboration in the healing journey, where Reiki acts as the conduit for spiritual guidance and healing on all levels.

Today, Mandy resides in Springfield with her wife, Amanda, and their four fur babies. Together, they embrace their journey with love and gratitude, culminating in the realization of their dream—Healing Homes & Hearts' new space in Historic Downtown Springfield. This space serves as a sanctuary for holistic wellness, offering  space for classes, sessions, collaborative opportunities, and a supportive community for those awakening to their inner light. Their shared vision is a beacon of hope for all seeking connection, healing, and authenticity. 

Energy Healer Mandy Carter at The Humanist Center in Yellow Springs Ohio
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Usui/Holy Fire Reiki®

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique®

Reiki Infused Space Clearing & Blessing


Ready to Take Your Healing Journey to the Next Level?

"I have taken a total of 6 Usui and Usui/Holy Fire Reiki courses. I wanted to update my practice using Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki.  This instructor was by far the best I have encountered. She not only covered the course requirements but also allowed expanded discussion on topics and in-class practice relevant to each of our individual practices. I would highly recommend this instructor to anyone seeking to become a skillful, effective Reiki practitioner."

Deborah C.

"If you are wanting to explore reiki-Mandy is an amazing teacher and practioner. Mandy is a wonderful resource whether you are looking for a deeper understanding of reiki practice or looking to have a reiki session of your own. Absolutely mind blowing experience for my Reiki I/II Holy Fire attunement!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED "

Heather D.

"Amazing QHHT session!!! As my body was physically releasing deep seated shame and guilt, Amanda was able to utilize her superb Reiki skills to assist my body as we were going through the healing process. She is a very intuitive Healer. I feel lighter and freer... even others have noticed the difference. I am 61yrs old and have struggled for years with pain in my back and neck. The stiffness in my back is gone and my spine and movements are much more fluid. Not enough "Thank You's" in the world for the relief I am experiencing. I would highly recommend!"

Soni M.

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Meet Our Team

Amanda Mullins

Meet Amanda, the dynamic force behind the scenes, driving the success of our business and ensuring smooth operations in every facet. With a keen eye for business strategy and a knack for web design, Amanda not only manages our business affairs with precision but also crafted this very website you're exploring. Holding an MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University, Amanda brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, complemented by her role as a Real Estate Agent with eXp Realty, where she expertly navigates the ever-changing landscape of real estate and manages our property.

Amanda finds joy in the intricacies of entrepreneurship and diving into the nuances that make businesses thrive. When she's not immersed in the world of business, you'll likely find her exploring the great outdoors, whether it's hiking through scenic trails, hunting for rocks, or foraging for morel mushrooms.

​Amanda is married to Mandy (owner of Healing Homes & Hearts), and cherishes moments spent with their children and grandchildren.  With Amanda's steadfast commitment to excellence our business is not just a venture—it's a testament to her boundless energy, creativity, and unwavering determination. In Amanda, we find not only a capable business manager and web designer but also a true champion of community and connection.

Amanda Mullins Managing Director and EXP Realty Agent
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Elisabeth Gelhar Oak & Ivy and Elisabeth Ashliegh Photography

Elisabeth Gelhar

Meet Elisabeth from Oak & Ivy, our talented social media manager and photographer at Healing Homes and Hearts. With a passion for supporting small businesses, entrepreneurs, and community figures, Elisabeth brings 15 years of photography expertise and 7 years of digital marketing and branding experience to the table.

In addition to her entrepreneurial pursuits, Elisabeth serves her country with pride as a Photojournalist and Public Affairs member of the Ohio Air National Guard since 2002.

Family is paramount in Elisabeth's life, where she cherishes her role as a loving parent to three children, alongside her husband, a friendly Saint Bernard, and an (un)affectionate cat. She values work-life balance and encourages her friends and clients to embrace it.

Elisabeth's expertise lies in social media and content curation, where she excels in creative writing, photography, and relationship building. She's also the force behind Strong Capable Female, a passion project dedicated to empowering women through positivity, balanced lifestyle promotion, and overall wellness for mind, body, and spirit. 

Elisabeth's purpose is clear: to spread light and positivity, serving as a beacon of inspiration for the truly beautiful lives women both need and deserve.

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Core Values


Build meaningful connections with mutual vulnerability 


Affirm and honor the differences among us


Support individuals in discovering their wholeness


Actively listen to meet people where they are


Hold a safe space so
self-healing can thrive

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