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Massage Therapy - Yoga - Meditation
Kara Lough
Kara Lough Massage Therapist Yoga Instructor Meditation

Kara is a Licensed Massage therapist and Certified Yoga Teacher. Her passion has always been to build strong relationships and help others heal.


Kara has always known she held special gifts that would some day help herself & others along an alternative healing journey. As a yoga instructor and a massage therapist her passion is endless when it comes to finding new ways to capture a calm mind, body & soul as well as incorporating different modalities.


Kara specializes in restorative meditative yoga and  therapeutic massage techniques, including Swedish, Ashiatsu, hot stone massage, and stretching. Her passion for helping others achieve optimal wellness and understanding of the human body make her a well versed therapist.

She is always looking for new modalities and more education to add on to her services to better serve the community, so be on the look out for new services.  She is committed to providing personalized care to each client, tailoring treatments to address specific concerns and promote relaxation and healing.


With her warm and compassionate demeanor, she creates a comfortable and rejuvenating experience for all those who seek her expertise. Kara’s goal is to help clients achieve balance within one’s mind, body and spirit; relieving pain, and tension allowing one to live their life to the fullest. 

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