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Yoga at hOMe
Shari Drerup
Shari Drerup photo taken by Elisabeth Ashliegh Photography

Copyright © Elisabeth Ashliegh Photography

Meet Shari, a compassionate yoga instructor and Reiki Practitioner whose mission is to ignite personal growth and holistic well-being. She exudes a passion for lifelong learning and a deep-seated desire to uplift those around her, creating an inviting atmosphere where self-esteem flourishes within a nurturing community.

For Shari, yoga is a profound life companion that has transformed her mental and physical health, especially amidst health challenges.  It’s brought her newfound flexibility, inner peace, and mental fortitude, making her yoga mat a sacred refuge of resilience and serenity.

Shari's teaching transcends mere postures; it's a journey toward valuable life skills like presence, empathy, and mental harmony. In her classes, professionalism, punctuality, and effective communication are woven into the very fabric of her teaching style.

Specializing in gentle yoga, Slow Flow vinyasa, and restorative yoga, Shari aspires to share the profound benefits of chair yoga and other specialized forms, tailored for individuals with health considerations and seniors. She also offers private, group or one-on-one sessions.

Shari completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with House of Aum in Yellow Springs, Ohio, and is certified with the Yoga Alliance as 200-hour RYT.  Shari has also completed her Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki 2nd Degree Training with Healing Homes and Hearts.

Guided by mentors Melissa Herzog, AUM Creatrix and Amanda Carter, Master Reiki Teacher.  Shari's classes are not just yoga sessions; they are sanctuaries of safety, where yoga, breathwork, and meditation come together to leave students feeling relaxed and truly centered.

Outside the yoga studio, Shari's interests in workshops, retreats, gardening, and nurturing healthy cuisine are an extension of her commitment to holistic well-being. She also finds rejuvenation by the Gulf of Mexico, where she immerses herself in the soothing waves and tranquil beach walks. Shari's journey is an embodiment of her dedication to well-being and an invitation to connect with her on a path toward inner serenity.

I love Shari’s gentle yoga class. As a working mom, it’s so nice to put time into myself and just focus on one thing for an hour. She always creates a relaxing atmosphere and incorporates effective stretching, knowing our strengths and making sure we are comfortable. I look forward to slowing down and doing this each week

Desiree S.

I’ve been going to Shari’s yoga classes for a few months now and love the energy that she gives before, during and after each practice. She’s always gives alternative poses and is always ready to help if needed.

Jensen W.

Shari is such an amazing yoga teacher. She makes yoga accessible to everyBODY.she gently guides and demonstrates poses with patience and love. Thank you Shari for your devotion to sharing your knowledge and your light!

Amanda C.

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