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Mandy is Attuned Reiki Master Teacher  in  the powerful Usui/Holy Fire® IIl Reiki® and is also a Level 2 QHHT ( Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) practitioner.  She is able to channel this Reiki energy via distance session or in person. Mandy loves to use Reiki energy to assist others in healing and bettering themselves.  She is a conduit for the energy to assist her clients in deep transformation. She is also an intuitive regarding people's soul path and awakening journey. 

Mandy has always had a calling to assist humanity in healing and growing. She has a special passion for assisting those on spiritual journeys. Her love for houses, energy vibration work, healing and people helped her form Healing Homes & Hearts LLC to build a platform in which she can aide the collective with God's energy through her touch and intuition.


After many years of selling homes, she realized that she could feel what the houses hold in their energy field. Many times our illness, trauma and just life's strife forms negative energy that stays in our living spaces an our bodies.  We may not always feel it, but it is important to clear it intentionally and regularly. 

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