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Meet Mandy

Mandy relocated to the Yellow Springs, Ohio area to better serve her purpose assisting in raising the consciousness of the collective.  She has four children that she adores, along with three grandchildren.  Mandy has been a Realtor since 2004. During her early years in Real Estate she began to notice a variation of different energies being held throughout living spaces, such as your home.  This began her journey in helping others clear energy and find peace in their home.   


Once Mandy realized how she could assist in clearing their homes, her passion began to grow.  This opened up the door to learning new techniques in the healing realm.  She now has a very clear understanding of the importance in not only clearing the of homes, but also how deeply essential energy work is for well being. With such a significant calling to assist others on their healing and awakening  journeys, Mandy decided to specialize in intuitive energy sessions. 

She works to facilitate the spiritual healing for growth and awakening for the collective. 

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